Information for Dealers

1. Price list
Dealers are charged based on the surface area used to display their goods. The cost of one  meter square depends on the type of stand, and is as follows:

150 PLN for a sales stand
75 PLN for artists selling their own works (e.g. drawings, hand-made jewelry or clothes)
75 PLN for a promotion stand - no sales, just advertising activities

If the stand contains structures taller than 1m above the table surface (e.g. high shelves or display cases), additional charges for the surface area occupied by these structures apply as follows (per meter square):
75 PLN for a sales stand
40 PLN for artists selling their own works
free for a promotion stand

For dealers bringing their own booths or large stands combining sales and promotion areas the price is negotiated individually.

2. For each square meter of space purchased you receive free event entry for one person working at the stand. Dealer badges cannot be sold or lent to persons not employed at the stand.

3. The rented space must be cleared by 3pm on the second day of the event.

4. The registration deadline is 15th May 2014. Your registration will be confirmed by 20th May 2014.

5. It is forbidden to place adverts, announcements, etc. in any form (this includes putting up posters) anywhere on EXPO KRAKÓW premises outside the area rented for your stand. All surfaces within the premises, including walls and doors, are the property of EXPO KRAKÓW and you may be fined for any unauthorised advertising.

Any questions should be directed to

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