Happy Sushi!

Visit our bar to discover the tastes of Japan! We believe tastes should develop as the world, and in particular the homeland of sushi, develops. Inspired by tradition we create modern art on a plate. You can always find something interesting in our menu, for yourself and your friends, because is it not fun to spend time together? For those with a competitive streak there are games with free  sets to win. Stop by if you are curious!


Bubble Tea Yoppo

Try the Asian food craze gaining popularity in the West fast! It's best to discover it youself, but if you have to know bubble tea consists of a black or green tea base flavoured with small beads made of jelly or filled with fruit syrup.


In the upstairs lobby there will be a restaurant open throughout the event, serving hot meals (both a la carte and fast food), snacks and drinks.

Additionally an open air grill is planned in front of the Expo building, serving chuck roast, sausages and blood sausages. Please visit!

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