Ritsuki Nakano, a singer known in the japanese music industry under her stage name Rikki, will be Magnificon's guest of honour. Her voice has become recognisable among Japanese popculture fans because of the soundtrack to Final Fantasy X, where she performs the main theme song "Suteki da ne". Rikki also worked with Studio Ghibli, recording a track called "The white dragon" for Spirited Away Image Album, a collection of music and images associated with the Oscar-winning animation Spirited Away. The lyrics for this song were written by Hayao Miyazaki himself. Since 2006 Rikki has been a member of Sound Horizon, a symphonic rock outfit which has earned a considerable following worldwide. Her vocals can be also heard on releases by Linked Horizon, a subsequent project by Revo, the composer behind Sound Horizon. Anime fans are familiar with Linked Horizon thanks to the openings to last year's most popular series, Shingeki no Kyojin. In Japan however Rikki is first and foremost a highly esteemed folk artist. She started singing traditional songs of her native Amami island at the age of four. At fifteen she won the most prestigious national contest for folk musicians, becoming the youngest recipient of this prize in history. She also sang the Nagano Paralympic Games theme song, "Tabidachi no Toki", during the opening ceremony.

Rikki's concert will start at 7.30 pm n Saturday in the main theatre, and on Sunday she will meet the fans for a signing and Q&A session. There will also be an opportunity to buy her records in the dealers' hall.

"Suteki da ne"


J-rock singer and composer, whose music is a mixture of rock rythms and jazzy ballads. The piano is an essential element in the structure of his melodies, and he uses it to lull listeners away in a modern musicality, and then wake them to a freshness too rarely presented in classic Japanese pop. HITT toured Europe a few times, visiting several countries (last time in 2012). In 2010 he performed at the biggest Japanese popculture event outside Japan, the Japan Expo in Paris. HITT is visiting Magnificon after a recording session, so his fans can expect a new record coming out in the near future!

HITT will take the main stage late Saturday evening, about 10.30 pm, and on Sunday he will meet the fans. There will also be record sales throughout the event.





Agota Gudelytė

The Lithuanian cosplayer, known under aliases AgoCos and Foxtail Cosplay, started making costumes in 2008. In 2012 she represented her country in the EuroCosplay finals, and a year later she won the Sunday masquarade contest at the October London MCM Expo. She also won numerous national level competitions in Lithuania. For a while she worked at a costume rental making mascot heads.

At Magnificon she will host a panel about using fur in cosplay, from small elements such as ears and tails, through animal masks, up to full fursuits. The panel will be held in English.

You are welcome to browse Foxtail's Facebook and DeviantArt profiles.

Inge Dulcinea Stahl

Dulcinea comes from Lithuania, and started cosplaying in 2011. Despite this relatively short spell spent in the hobby she managed to qualify for the EuroCosplay finals last year. In London she won one of the three judge's awards with her Draenei Paladin costume, which was commended for “amazing craftsmanship and a good-display of make up". She also won a craftsmanship award in the Aion contest organised by GRY

Dulcinea owns a cosplay prop making company, its portfolio can be viewed here.

At Magnificon Dulcinea will host a panel about making prop weapons step by step, from translating the reference image proportions into a project up to a paint finish and weathering. The panel will be held in English.

Check out the Facebook profile where Dulcinea publishes her cosplay works.

Katarzyna Kairi Siedlecka

Kairi has been actively cosplaying for seven years, and in this time frame she has become the most versatile cosplayer in Poland. She enjoys challenging costumes, which allow her to improve her skills in multiple techniques at once. She usually forms an emotional bond with the character she cosplays and loves performing on stage, as well as scripting performances. Kairi represented Poland in European cosplay contests multiple times. She earned a second place in the EuroCosplay finals twice - in 2010 and 2012. she was selected to be a Polish EC representative for the third time at the fifth edition of Love convention earlier this year. She was also a finalist in the group category of European Cosplay Gathering 2013, together with Marta Tsu Otyś and Jakub Zel Kołecki. Apart from her international success Kairi also won a huge number of awards in national contests. She occasionally does costume comissions for GRY portal, and promotes cosplay with appearances in the Polish media. Kairi is frequently invited to conventions in the country and abroad as a cosplay guest and a contest judge.

At Magnificon she will host a workshop devoted to the 'play' aspect of cosplay, called 'An acting workshop - the stage is not so scary!'. Although mostly directed to a Polish audience, instructions for most activities can be given in English as well.

We recommend a visit to Kairi's DeviantArt and FB profiles, and checking out her streams.

Aleksandra Shappi Tora

Shappi has cosplayed since 2009, and she specialises in making armour and wings, as well as in resin casting. She is the first Polish representative to win an European cosplay competition. She claimed that title at Japan Expo last year, when she won at European Cosplay Gathering in solo category. She also represented Poland at EuroCosplay twice - in 2010 and 2011. Additionally she won multiple prizes in national contests. Shappi has worked with the GRY portal for over a year, making costumes for models and managing their cosplay competitions. She has collaborated with many games publishers. One of them - Infernum, the creators of Dragon's Prophet, employed her as a cosplayer-model at their booth at Gamescom. Shappi's cosplay works have earned her considerable online popularity, she is also frequently invited to conventions.

At Magnificon she will host a workshop about making armour out of EVA foam. It's primarily directed to a Polish-speaking audience, but it's a hands-on workshop and instruction in English can be given at request.

Take a look at Shappi's FB, DeviantArt and profiles.

Jakub Zel Kołecki

Zel has been cosplaying since 2006 with varied results. His biggest success competition-wise so far is qualifying for the European Cosplay Gathering finals last year in a group with Katarzyna Kairi Siedlecka and Marta Tsu Otyś. He sees cosplay as a fascinating and very demanding, but also very rewarding hobby. He is valued both for his costumes and captivating stage performances. Impersonating a character on stage is his favourite aspect of cosplay. His memorable roles include Gutts from Berserk, Flynn Rider from Tangled, Mihawk from One Piece and Great Saiyaman from Dragon Ball.

At Magnificon Zel will host a workshop on stage fighting choreography. It will be held in Polish, but individual instruction can be provided in English if requested.

We also encourage you to visit Zel's FB profile and tumblr.

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