General information

While the programme is prepared with a Polish-speaking audience in mind, Magnificon still has a lot to offer to an international visitor. Some events have a general appeal and can be enjoyed regardless of nationality.

Concerts certainly belong in this category, and we have prepared three, two of which will be performances by guests brought in directly from Japan. Mika Kobayashi, a singer and pianist famous for insert songs in many popular anime series, will visit Magnificon this year. Her works were included in soundtracks to Shingeki no Kyojin, Ao no Exorcist, Guilty Crown, Kill la Kill, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Nanatsu no Taizai, Aldnoah.Zero, Sengoku Basara Two and  Final Fantasy among others. Her performance will be accompanied by a martial arts display by a swordsman from Samurai Sword Artists Kamui, a group known in the West mostly from the sword fight scenes in Tarantino's 'Kill Bill'.  We will also host a concert by Tezya, a Japanese glamour rock singer.  The third music act at Magnificon will be by CYAN inc, a Polish vocal quartet covering anime songs. More details will be published soon in the 'Concerts' section.

The cosplay show is another event universally enjoyed all over Europe. Magnificon attracts more cosplayers than any other convention in the country, and the number of entries in its cosplay contest has not dropped below a hundred in the past few years. The competition evolved into a three-tier form, with a separate contest for beginners, EuroCosplay selections for experts, and the immensely popular Standard Cosplay event open to all applicants. EuroCosplay selections in particular are an impressive show to watch, attracting some of the best cosplayers from a nation which has been very successful in the London finals. In the five years of EuroCosplay's history a Polish representative won once, and placed second three times.
This time Magnificon will also host national selections for another international competition, Cosplay World Masters, for the first time.

Cosplay Crafting is a series of workshops hosted by seven expert cosplayers from Poland and Lithuania. The aim of the series is to teach the participants several techniques used to make costumes, as well as how to prepare a stage performance. The panels by international guests will be held in English. In case of hands-on workshops by Polish cosplayers it is possible to ask for instructions in English as well.

There will be a gaming zone open throughout the convention (this includes overnight), where visitor can play video, table top or traditional Japanese logic games (such as mahjong or shougi). A few music games such as DDR, Osu! or Ultra Star will also be available. About a dozen tournaments will be open to visitors, and speaking Polish is not required to participate in most of them. Contestants who place in the top three will receive a certain amount of convention currency, which can be traded for small prizes at a designated prize stand. Convention currency can be spent right away, or accummulated to trade for a more valuable prize. The currency can be also won in numerous quizzes, and some of them (such as image or sountrack recognition contests) are open to international participants.

Of course any convenion attendee is welcome to visit the dealers' hall, where a vast variety of Japanese popculture related products, including guest merchandise, can be found.

A full list of events suitable for international visitors will be published soon, along with guest profiles.

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